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Safety of Women in Casinos

Although casinos have top of the art security and surveillance systems installed and running all day and all night in any casino, women should not be lulled into a false sense of security. Women need to exercise caution when on the gambling floor.

Avoid Theft

Women must take extra steps to make sure that their money and credit cards are well taken care off. Women should make it appoint of keeping their purses on their laps and not to the chair next to them or simply in plain sight. Purses, and any other items of value should never be left on trays, countertops, or even on the floor. A fanny pack is a good idea but leaves the owner vulnerable to a cut of the strap from behind. If gambling with a backpack, the contents may easily be taken pit when the owner is so engrossed in the game or simply yanked off the floor.

Trust One's Intuition

Women should take care not be caught alone in areas that have no security cameras, like elevators and restrooms. It is very easy for women to be trapped in these areas. When faced with having to go to these areas, make sure that one is never alone or make sure that there are other people around. In elevators, never get into an elevator with only one person. Women's intuition plays another factor here. If a woman for whatever reason feels uncomfortable with a situation but visibly sees nothing is wrong, should take heed and walk away.

General safety precautions should not only be practiced in casinos but also in area that re not familiar to the person. Walk in pairs and take note of any police stations or booths nearby in case the worst happens.

Be Aware of Surroundings

It is easy to become dumbstruck when faced with the sheer size and glitz of a casino. One should keep ones senses grounded so as not to be unaware of the things happening around them. Who are the casino personnel? Who are the suspicious looking people in the doorway? Who do I run to in cases of an emergency? And so on. The main idea is not to look like a typical tourist for only invites trouble and one is immediately marked as easy prey to every con artist in the vicinity.

Keeping alcohol consumption down is also a good idea especially where women are concerned. To much alcohol makes women tipsy and easily taken advantage of.

Practicing simple safety precautions is the best step to take to enjoy ones casino experience.